CSI “Under My Skin” Review Season 15 Episode 17 | TV Equals

TV Equals: "On the first of a two-part- albeit unrelated- “CSI” finale, we joined the team in a hunt for two missing sisters, the daughters of one of their own, in “Under My Skin.” It all began when elder sister Lexi (Hunter King, “The Young & the Restless”) took little sis Cara (Harley Graham, “Grey’s Anatomy”) on a shopping spree, courtesy of their unwary dad, whose credit card she swiped. Afterwards, the newly made-over Cara is left behind with the sketchy Pete (Chad Addison, “Stalker”) while she goes off for a brief tryst with her even sketchier boyfriend, Axel. Neither sister ever returns, but Pete turns up dead in a bathroom shortly thereafter, throat slit and head in a toilet."

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