20 Movie Sequels That Must Be Announced In 2015

WC: As great a year in cinema as 2015 has the potential to be, it’s also got everyone wondering about the future, and what films might be hitting screens over the next few years. While release slates for 2016 and 2017 are always slowly beginning to build, what about more long-anticipated films which could (though won’t necessarily) be announced by the end of the year?

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ajax171526d ago

Hellboy III and the Matrix 4 are the only ones I really care about. The Matrix 4 will most likely never happen, but I can still dream, damn it!

alycakes1526d ago

I wouldn't mind another Hellboy

Stringerbell1526d ago

Not trolling or anything but besides $$$ why do we need another Matrix film?

strangeaeon1526d ago

Cast Joseph Gordon Levitt as Neo.

Porcelain_Chicken1526d ago

Wtf, why? Or maybe, you know, keep Keanu Reeves?

strangeaeon1526d ago

Reeves is getting a little old is all. It's would just be another "skin" for Neo.

RetrospectRealm1526d ago

If you Google it, there's like tons of stuff about Keanu Reeves apparently never or barely aging at all. Lolol

SpringHeeledJack1526d ago

I'm not going through 20 pages, that is ridiculous!!!!

Would love a new Matrix film but only if keanu reeves can somehow come back as Neo. Some people make the roles their own like arnie as the terminator or stallone as rocky and if can't be done with the original actor just call it a day and never remake or do sequels.

UltraNova1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Look I'm the biggest Matrix/Keanu fan around, I've spent hundreds on Matrix ultra editions and memorabilia, but let me tell you after watching Keanu fight in John Wick I dont feel very confident with him on the leading role on the Matrix 4 (that will never happen btw)he's getting old and it shows, of course I cant deny that some creative CGI, excellent camera work and fight choreography can do wonders.

Maybe if he's the mentor/Sensei of the 8th version of The One I would be down with that. But then who could fill the shoes of the new One under Keanu's expanding shadow? Tough choice I know.

But down here in the real world after Speed Runner and Jupiter Ascending and that atrocious casting and dialogue I'm quite cautious about the Wachowskis ability to make a true Matrix sequel and I would hate to see my most beloved movie be ridiculed in the name of cash grab sequels.

caseh1525d ago

"after watching Keanu fight in John Wick I dont feel very confident with him on the leading role on the Matrix 4"

Dude, I don't know if we watched the same film but his skills in John Wick are far superior to the telegraphed horsesh!t fights in the Matrix. he's clearly had a LOT of training.

UltraNova1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

We watched the exact same movie.

He had tons of training actually more than any other recent mainstream action movie actor but I could still tell a heaviness in his moves. The sense of speed a movie like the matrix needs is on par with movies like the RAID franchise where young and highly trained actors can do the action/fight sequences justice with a pinch of creative vision.

I stick by what I said, maybe if he takes the secondary role of the new One's mentor. Another Matrix without Keanu is not a Matrix.

"telegraphed horsesh!t fights in the Matrix"

Seriously? You done F**** it up, dude.

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