TVF The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 10 Review: Them

I wasn’t really surprised that The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 10 was much more of a slowed down hour, especially after the loss of Beth and Tyreese.

This was an episode that was far less about a bigger story, though the group is still pushing for Washington, D.C. (Yay!), but was a real focus on the characters emotionally and physically trying to survive.

Sometimes, it’s not just about killing zombies.

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alycakes1525d ago

Such a sad depressing episode. They need to get out of their rut and start believing that they will make it thru this.

KingPin1525d ago

this program has really gone downhill.
watched it today, one of the boring episodes.
thank god i could fast forward through it.

-Foxtrot1525d ago

You know a show is over rated when even the boring episodes get such high ratings.

Soldierone1525d ago

The only thing I don't get is last episode wasn't boring and people still cried that they didn't slow things down and cry about their loss.

So the show goes and does that and now people are crying that they did it....