Why Adrianne Palicki Becoming a Series Regular Is the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Agents of SHIELD

TVOM: "Some exciting Agents of SHIELD news came out this weekend when it was announced that Adrianne Palicki, who has been recurring throughout the show’s second season as Bobbi Morse, a.k.a. Mockingbird, has been promoted to a series regular on the ABC Marvel drama. And while I’m pretty sure this is widely accepted as great news by most Agents of SHIELD fans, I would take it one step further than just calling it great and say that, as the title of this article obviously suggests, Palicki’s promotion to regular status is the best thing to ever happen to the series."

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alycakes1528d ago

I like her and if she's a regular that's only a good thing for everyone. I've liked the show from the beginning even though a lot of people don't and it's been getting better little by little so I think she's a great addition.