Why Spider-Man Joining The Marvel Cinematic Universe Matters

CB: It’s been a tough couple months for Sony. After hackers leaked various Sony emails, numerous employees and the company as a whole came under fire from the press and the general public as well for certain things contained in those emails. As recently as last week, longtime Sony Pictures Entertainment executive Amy Pascal exited her position as Sony co-chairman, leaving many to speculate that Sony was in complete disarray.

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WizzroSupreme1525d ago

Of course it matters, but is it good? In my book, it sure is as long as it's not just Peter Parker again. I'd go with Miles Morales; they need a fresh face for a new Spider-man and put these high school origin stories behind.

StarWarsFan1525d ago

I kind of like it when the heroes are in their own world going solo without the Avengers, etc.

alycakes1524d ago

Personally I don't think it mattered one way or another. It was doing just fine on it's own.