13 Awesome Movies That Only Happened Because Of Awful Flops


As anyone who follows movies knows, Hollywood is a ridiculously fickle business, and it doesn’t take much to stop a potentially great movie from getting made. Conversely, sometimes films you might take for granted as forever destined for greatness were actually the result of a happy accident of sorts, occurring in large part because a terrible movie was made beforehand.

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ironfist921527d ago

Well...thats a pretty stupid assumption to make (from Whatculture no doubt)

If they were good films to begin with...they wouldve continued...

big_dom_part_21527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Not necessarily true. There's plenty of examples of brilliant films that flop and don't continue. I also can't believe Lost in Translation is considered an "awesome move". Also, the latest X-Men film, which was utterly forgettable. It's great that this blogger has the film knowledge of a 10 year old. He could have mentioned Dredd in there, but instead it must have escaped his mind, because that's a good example of a film made purely because the first attempt by Hollywood and Stallone was a complete disaster. We get an awesome film, alas, no sequel.

ironfist921526d ago

Im talking specifically about the remakes. They wouldnt go "Oh this movie is really good, lets reboot it"

If the original films are good, they wouldve continued on with their story, meaning the "awesome movies" arent a result of bad ones

mafiahajeri1526d ago

I know where there coming from with the argument, I was thinking the same after Nolan triology we had to get a crap batman universe with batman vs superman. Hopefully the cycle repeats itself.