Better Look At Batman V Superman Trinity Poster


Last month, a new Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice promotional image was displayed and spotted at the Hong Kong Licensing Show. A very low-resolution version of the image surfaced online.

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MilkMan1523d ago

I gotta say, if folks cant figure out that this Batman is Bruce Wayne aka Ben Affleck thed have to be blind. His chin and posture are very telling. Christian Bale tried to make himself change physically from his alter ego.

Well, lets see how he moves.

Porcelain_Chicken1523d ago

They never have. Why would they now? Besides Bruce Wayne doesn't seem like the heroic type with his billionaire playboy lifestyle. I'd never think of someone like Beiber or 50 cent as superheroes just because of chin similarity.

Also we're talking about a universe where aliens shoot eye later beams and space police use rings to create stuff from willpower. If that's where you're stuck I'd skip this altogether! :D

MilkMan1523d ago

I see your point. But in my mind I was thinking more up close and personal not in the heat of battle. Its kinda like how (if you saw the documentaries) Richard Donner wanted Louise Lane to figure out that Clark Kent was Superman in part 2 on her own volition.

Not in some hacked eyed way, the way it was presented to us (back in the day) with the whole Niagara penthouse flaming log and glasses scene.

Donner figured, she was very smart and a pair of glasses wouldn't fool anyone.

Zack keeps this like of thinking in the Man of Steel and doesn't insult his female audience with that whole thing.

We haven't seen these new characters in motion, could be they are like night and day. But if you looked straight into Wayne/Afflecks face and then Batman's (calmly) not if he was punching you out.
Chances are you could formulate and idea.

Oh and of course you'd have to know them both.

Maybe Lex Luthor knows? and plays Bats against Sups.

Porcelain_Chicken1522d ago

Yeah I guess so. I see where you're getting at. I'd be ok with that!

Another thing though, if you were face to face with the legendary Batman, even if you're both in a calm state, you'd be pretty nervous and maybe even a little star struck lol. Who knows what you'd remember afterwards.

MilkMan1522d ago

Oh yeah, If I saw Bats calm or not. Im sure id smell doo doo on me somewhere. LOL!

dota2champion1523d ago

What's new about it? Looks like someone just took the old images and put them together

Porcelain_Chicken1523d ago

Batman pic is new. It's the pic they showed at comic con. They never released it though.