Law & Order Makes Unneeded Attacks on Gamer Violence

NuzCo writes: "In an episode of Law & Order that premiered Wednesday February 11th 2015, gamers were the target of yet another ‘video games make people violent’ plotline. In this episode of the famed TV series, gamers were made out to be horrific, blood thirsty individuals in the masses. This episode demonstrates common misconceptions in the gaming world in a very negative light. Law & Order glamourizes discrimination against gamers by making them out to be aggregated, cyber-smart killers."

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TheSuperior 1530d ago

I saw this episode and was extremely disappointed. As if gamers needed more reason to be painted to be the criminal in every situation.

Just like that one time when a guy ran over a bunch of fans in a zombie walk... you know who's fault it was? The zombies :/