Banshee Season 3 Episode 6 Review: “We Were All Someone Else Yesterday” | TVOM

TVOM: "Banshee‘s most central (and also, most insignificant) mystery has always been a cogent metaphor for the show as a whole: Banshee is about a town torn between different identities, filled with people facing the same challenge, trying to cling to some notion of self in a world of chaos and randomness. It’s a show about the balance between the good and bad within oneself, how channeling the former can unfortunately lead to the latter (and vice versa); and as an enigma to the world around him, the man known as Lucas Hood embodies this existential battle every character in Banshee, PA comes face to face with every day. In the wake of a death close to home, “We Were All Someone Else Yesterday” is a blurry-eyed look in a bloodstained mirror for the characters of Banshee, a quietly poetic and moving hour led by a number of stellar performances."

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