Will Smith's "Most Painful Failure" - After Earth

IGN: Even Will Smith makes mistakes. Smith has maintained relatively silent about the mediocre reaction to his 2013 sci-fi film After Earth... until now. The star has finally opened up about the fallout of After Earth's critical/financial failure, referring to it as the "most painful failure" in his career.

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-Foxtrot1525d ago

If they worked the script round where it was just Will Smith then maybe it would of been decent

His son is just not a good actor and I think Will should stop using his stardom to help his son get acting jobs without earning them

Will Smith came from nothing, he built himself up to get where he is today, he should teach his son that.

RetrospectRealm1525d ago

This follows the story within a story rule since He was talking about his kids and random stuff in the Esquire link.

dota2champion1524d ago

The film grossed over 243 million dollars, how's that a failure? I really enjoyed After Earth and thought Jaden Smith acting was fine

freshslicepizza1523d ago

i don't get how the movie cost 130 million dollars without marketing. you could not see it on the screen. paying will smith must have taken half the budget. m. knight has always had terrible effects in his movies. b grade which is why its surprising this movie cost so much to make.

his son has no personality and is only there because his dad is famous.