TVF Elementary Season 3 Episode 14 Review: The Female of the Species

Hell hath no fury like a woman put behind bars or has her revenge thwarted on Elementary Season 3 Episode 14.

We pick up just a few days after the shocking murder of Joan's soon-to-be-ex but now dead boyfriend, Andrew. We spend zero time finding his killer because she is merely a delivery mechanism.

The real killer was Elana March. You may recall Elana from the season premiere, Enough Nemesis to Go Around. It appeared that she was still holding a grudge against Joan for her incarceration.

Life in prison must give a gal plenty of time to think about revenge, although a few hints prior to this episode that a "rivalry" still existed between the two of them would have been nice.

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alycakes1530d ago

It was a real good episode seeing Sherlock work with Marcus and the story about the extinct breed they were looking for. I enjoyed watching it. I also wanted to see how Joan was doing and find out who had tried to poison her....