The Americans "Open House" Review - IGN

IGN: Helmed by acclaimed TV director Thomas Schlamme (The West Wing), "Open House" was a terrific episode, with some of the most intense sequences this show has delivered so far - which is saying something.
Three seasons in and The Americans is still getting a ton of mileage out of how close the Jennings can come to being caught. This episode had one of the most exiting sequences since that chase at the end of Season 1 (where Stan shot Elizabeth), as Philip and Elizabeth realized that they were being followed and had to figure out how to escape the situation. Philip diving out of the car, just as they turned the corner, was incredibly slick, but there was plenty more excitement to follow. Philip calling that other embedded spy (loved her being interrupted doing a very 80s workout) and the countdown Elizabeth began to get as a result were awesome… as we waited to see if the CIA would jump and grab her before she could escape. Just a top notch sequence in every way.

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