IGN Justified: "The Trash and the Snake" Review

OK, so Justified couldn't keep up its torrid pace. Not a big surprise since I've never even heard of a show keeping up that level of intensity, but the last two episodes were incredible and a little break from that is more than OK.

"The Trash and the Snake" was a breather episode to stretch out the main plots while also giving a little more detail to the characters who'll make an impact this season - a pretty typical thing for Justified. The episode followed Ava for a day with Katherine Hale as they went around stealing jewelry and doing cocaine. There was a weird dynamic here, almost like big sister-little sister, but it hasn't been revealed yet. Hale has enough info to sink Ava or keep her in her hip pocket for a while. The writers and actors are doing a great job of hiding their cards on this one even after having an entire episode where the two commit crimes together.

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