IGN Person of Interest: "Guilty" Review

"Guilty" was the cool-down episode that perhaps some thought we were going to get last week (when we didn't realize that the Samaritan Trilogy was actually a Tetralogy), but it also served as a back-to-basics installment that brought to mind the series during Season 1 when it really was just Finch and Reese saving the day.

This episode also was a nice Reese chapter - something we don't get a lot of these days. In fact, the last time(s) I remember the show checking in with Reese like this was during Season 3's "Liberty" and "4C" (the latter episode actually being the cool-down after the HR Trilogy). So aside from Season 1 and 2's fuller exploration into Reese's past, the most we usually get from him on the show now is when we watch him reel from a big loss.

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