New TV Version of “Uncle Buck” Will Have a Different Spin: All African American Characters

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Somewhere in heaven I do think John Candy and John Hughes would approve. I am told that the new “Uncle Buck” TV pilot calls for something different– all African American actors to play the roles.

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-Foxtrot1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

....of course


Exploiting race as a gimmick to sell and market your new TV show.

Stringerbell1527d ago

Could care less who they cast so long as he's funny. I draw the line on giant pancakes. If the new uncle Buck isn't flipping pancakes with a snow shovel, I'm not watching =p

SouthClaw1527d ago

Just pathetic to pull the race card. Make something about an African American family that is new not using an existing name and changing everything about it thus ruining the original.