NCIS: LA “Forest for the Trees” (Season 6 Episode 15) | TV Equals

TV Equals: "What the deuce CBS. Last week’s preview for “Forest for the Trees” made the episode out to be a an action packed outing with Sam and Callen being kidnapped by ISIS. Instead we had Sam and Callen hanging around (yes, that’s the term I’m going to use) with one, just one, ISIS operative. This would not necessarily have been a problem for me had the episode’s preview not been so misleading. I was expecting something more along the lines of the season’s premiere “Deep Trouble Part 2.” It is February after all, one of television’s sweeps months. And honestly, anything dealing with ISIS, which is prevalent every day in the news right now, deserved something bigger. Having an ISIS cell in Los Angeles could have made for a great 2-parter had the story been laid out right. What we got was small potatoes, a normal NCIS: LA plot that used ISIS as the antagonist due to its current worldwide infamy."

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