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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rumored To Be Released This Summer


It's being said J.J. Abrams wants to release Star Wars: The Force Awakens this Summer.

The reason?


Abrams is known for trying to keep his movies as secret as possible (he erected barriers on the set of Star Trek Into Darkness), but it seems loads of information have been still leaking.

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Crazay2420d ago

Can't see it happening unless they move the release to say... Mid- September

darklordzor2420d ago

IF it happened...October would be my bet. Toys are already hitting in September, so it wouldn't be that long a wait.

WizzroSupreme2420d ago

Doubt it. That would infringe on the hype-machine that Age of Ultron's going to be riding off of come May. Sure, people would see both, but the holiday would leave them unrivaled. No sense in eating at your own profits for Disney. Not that I don't wish it was a May film. Just seems right, but it'd be abrupt given the lack of real coverage it's gotten in recent months.

dota2champion2419d ago

Up against Age of Ultron? They'll lose the box office sales for sure!

SilentNegotiator2419d ago

I know if I had to choose between a movie in a series whose last 3 films were utter garbage and a movie in a series whose last film was spectacular, I would choose the latter.

Stringerbell2419d ago

Going up against the Avengers? I dont know about that...