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12 Major Implications Of Spider-Man Joining Marvel's Phase 3


The news that Spider-Man has finally been caught in Marvel’s gigantic MCU shaped net has been met with inevitably extreme reactions: some say Marvel don’t need it, that they’re pandering to fan-boys and running the risk of helping Sony out to their own cost, while others have simply exploded in a shower of comic book movie excitement.

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Stringerbell2421d ago

Fingers crossed that it happens!

Soldierone2421d ago

If you are talking Spider-Man joining the MCU then it has happened :P

Crazay2421d ago

It's a reality now sir. He's coming home to roost.

ajax172421d ago

I hope they get rid of Andrew Garfield. I never cared for him as Spider-Man.

-Foxtrot2420d ago

It's just going to be hard how to pull it off

If they make him so he's JUST become Spiderman then it's going to seem a little rushed and we don't all want to see his origin story yet again

If they make it so he's been Spiderman for ages then where was he in the Battle for New York and why were so many people surprised about "superheroes". Where is the Spiderman merchandise people were making like the other Avenger heroes.

Only way they could get away from it is if they have an older Peter Parker would has retired to raise a family....however there is a comic story plot point where the Green Goblins agent poisons MJ and she looses the Baby, that could be a good plot point to get him back in the game. You could have it that the Green Goblin is the only major villain he's came across but with the world changing in Avengers more villains for Peter could come out of it.