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10 Big Mistakes That Forced Sony To Give Up On The Amazing Spider-Man


The wee hours of this morning brought the news that audiences had been clamouring for for years – even more so after all of those emails leaks: Sony is bringing Spider-Man back home. Sort of. It was announced that future instalments in the Spider-Man franchise would be produced in collaboration with Marvel Studios, albeit with Sony still retaining all creative control.

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Soldierone2420d ago

What sucks is that it wasn't the creative teams fault. I feel bad for Web, he had the opportunity to run X-Men, but left to work on Spider-Man and sony dumped him due to their own mistakes....

Webb had a universe plan, he had creative ideas, and he was sticking true to the comics. Sony Pictures stepped in an ruined it, then turn around and blame him for it.....

Malice-Flare2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

ugh, forcing me to click ten times. let me save the clicks for this joke article...

#10 Rebooting too soon
#09 Not figuring out the tone
#08 Stupid supervillains
#07 Setting up mysteries and not solving them
#06 Killing off Gwen Stacy
#05 Meddling in the wrong way
#04 A Lack of confidence
#03 Trying to build their own Cinematic Universe
#02 Never being happy
#01 Not handing themselves over to Marvel Sooner

most of these are nonsensical. i would agree with #08 & #05, but the rest? #04 & #03 contradict each other while the rest are fanboy hysteria...

ASM2 was a decent film, they just didn't have the ability to make it better...

Vengeance11382420d ago

#4 and #1 are the direct definition of contradiction! They failed because they were too confident to simply "hand themselves over" to the apparently all powerful, all knowing Marvel lol Marvel makes good, decent movies but they are far from the best movie makers around. IMO, they're extremely overated and drunk on their own ego. Also the Fantastic Four reboot looks horredous and they destroyed Dr Doom's character for a nerdy, internet blogger.

TricksterArrow2420d ago

Captain America is a pain, Iron Man 2 and 3 are boring as hell and.. Does anyone even care about the first Thor movie? Safe to say that TASM 1 and 2 were better than all of those films, the thing is... It was Sony's only relevant superhero movie franchise, so mediocre wasn't gonna cut it.

Blasphemy2420d ago

i thought the first thor movie was pretty good!

TricksterArrow2420d ago

It'd be good, if the movie didn't happen in the span of 2 days. 2 days and he is banned from his land only to come back again in less than 48 hours with redemption and also having found the love of his life. Poorly scripted movie.

Hroach6162420d ago

Fox actually does that fantastic 4. Just saying

s45gr322419d ago

Personally the Batman films by Nolan are the best superhero films since ever. Marvel makes decent superhero films and at least the X-Men movies are interesting, is the timeline of the films that got me confused of the X-Men films.