Spider-Man Is Joining The Marvel Universe – And I Don’t Care

WOW247: "Waking up to the news this morning that plucky superhero Spider-Man is finally set to take his rightful place in the Marvel cinematic universe, you might think that I would naturally have become as giddily excited as every other comic book movie fan and cinema nerd appears to be right now.

"And yet I find myself utterly underwhelmed by this announcement. Here's why."

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Soldierone2412d ago

The person is simply not a Spider-Man fan and beyond that simply trying to be entirely negative about it. How many films has Iron Man been in and carried in less time? 5. Yet nobody is crying he is in the next Avengers. Captain is pushing 4 with the next Captain movie. Thor the same.

6 films isn't much, especially since it's the most iconic character in comics.... Plus you have to realize the deal probably shares ALL rights, so it's not just Spider-man, it's his entire universe. It also opens up stand alone films since the deal states the cross over goes BOTH ways, meaning Spidey's world just got bigger too.