Better Call Saul: 10 Easter Eggs From The Pilot You Have To See

CB: Finally, Vince Gilligan has decided it’s time to cook again. Well, “finally” – Breaking Bad has been off the air nary a year (give or take), but fans couldn’t get enough of it. Like the sky blue crystal meth that the cancer-stricken Walter White started cooking to support his family after his death, viewers found it hard to quit the show, even when it came to a fairly decisive conclusion.

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ajax172418d ago

I wouldn't call seeing Tuco an 'easter egg'. Isn't a prerequisite of an 'easter egg' being not immediately noticeable?

TheSaint2418d ago

Not at all, if you don't recognize it then what's the point?

TXIDarkAvenger2418d ago

I heard you can see Walt's house some time when Saul is driving before hitting the skateboarders. Haven't gotten a chance to check but is it true?