Why Can’t Hollywood Stop Making Bad Video Game Movies?

WallStreet Cheat Sheet: "Ever since video games have entered into our culture, movie studios have been trying and failing to adapt them into feature length movies. It’s a history that dates all the way back to 1993’s patently awful Super Mario Bros., and continues on even today through franchises like Resident Evil (going on its sixth and supposedly final installment). On the docket for the next few years are even adaptations for Angry Birds, Warcraft, Metal Gear Solid, and Sonic the Hedgehog, continuing the quest to create even a halfway not bad movie. So why have attempts by Hollywood failed virtually across the board to do this successfully?"

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-Foxtrot1886d ago

Can't stick to source material....that's it really

Soldierone1886d ago

I found this article interesting due to the excuses. I find them totally bogus. A game may not seem "linear" but a lot of them are, and some of them have been chosen for movies and still sucked.....

WizzroSupreme1886d ago

Because fans can't stop caving into fawning over their favorite game properties on a bigger screen despite their quality.

ironfist921885d ago (Edited 1885d ago )

Here's a number of reasons:

-Not sticking to source material
-Casting which goes against the character personalities and designs gamers fall in love with
-Terrible directors, bad director = bad film, regardless of what media adaptation. If good films based on books and comics can be made, game adaptations should be no exception.
-Terrible, half-assed, non-sensical plots which do not fit into the lore/mythos of the game. Should supplement the game rather than be a reboot/reimagining
-Direct adaptations: Rather than adapting an existing game, Id suggest creating a story in film format which essentially works as a chapter of the game's story, rather than retreading the exact same things the game did. Helps differentiate the experience, as well as catering to the films narrative rather than trying to recreate the game's story and action which works in the game, but might not in the film.

Assassin's Creed for example: Get a competent director who is known for epic historical film-making, ie: Ridley Scott. Get a good writer to write a plot/story which doesnt directly adapt the games (AC1 to Unity), but rather have a chapter set within the games universe (new Assassin in an unused historic time-period). Get cast which complement the story (No White-Washing/Black-In-Place-O f-White-Character Casting) ie: if you have an Italian character, cast a flipping Italian actor. Then take elements of the game which people love (assassinations, conspiracies, brotherhood, white hooded costume, historical figures, etc) sprinkle them around cohesively, and you got yourself a great video-game adaptation.