Official Pictures of Jurassic World Hasbro Toys Including First Packaged Shots

Jurassic World.Org

The first official in-package shots of Hasbro's first wave of mainline Jurassic World toys have hit! While the first wave of Hasbro items will include more, notably the 'Hero Masher' and 'Brawlasaurs' lineup, these images are fairly representative of the action figure lineup. Wave 1 is expected to hit retail shelves late April, with wave 2 mid Summer, and the third wave hitting in the fall. Check out the pictures and item descriptions below!

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aDDicteD1590d ago

what is stegoceratops?? i mean i hope that would not come out in the film because it would seriously suck. i bought the trex and raptor hybrid but dont do that to a stegosaurus and triceratops.