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Bat-Fashion: Evolution of the Cape and Cowl

PYB: The evolution of the Batman's suit in all previous film iterations. The Bat surely knows how to fight crime in style.

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joyride912057d ago

Batman, Batman Returns and Batman Forever- the suits and the cars all went downhill from then. B and R suits without the nips would have been much better.

Porcelain_Chicken2056d ago

I like Batfleck's suit. It looks like it stepped right off the pages of the comics. Love the black & gray look. Love the giant Bat as opposed to the tiny bat in most of the earlier batsuits. And he finally looks imposing as Batman should.

saadd202056d ago

i will always be a fan of the Burton era costumes and cars...just too good...sleek, sexy and mean! Begins and TDK was a bit too clunky for its own good. the new one by Batfleck is okay...nothing special...but lets wait for the film to judge it.

Porcelain_Chicken2056d ago


Well I was judging based on look alone and not functionality. I love the Burton suits for nostalgia reasons and will always hold me close to my heart but I have just never been a fan of a full black batsuit. It just looks wrong and lazy to me.

My fave of all the current batsuits we've seen in motion has to be the Batman begins one. Sure it made him look lumbering but none of them didn't look clunky, they all did. The begins one is the only current Batsuit that struck a good balance between fantastical and realism. Wasn't a freakish fetish looking thing like the Kilmer suit, or a puzzle armor thing like the TDKR suit.

joyride912055d ago

growing up, the all black batsuit scared me, since I was used to the blue and grey combination from the 80s comics and the 60s tv show. looking back, the Burton suits look really intimidating. the Bale batsuits look like Batman trying to copy Iron Man.

Porcelain_Chicken2055d ago

The Nolan tactical Kevlar reminds you of Iron man's mechanical robo suit?? O_o Lol wut?

joyride912055d ago

it looks too heavy man...its not something that would work great in hand to hand combat. its not too sleek and menacing..I mean..the Bale batsuit..Keaton's and Kilmer's atleast seemed light enough for someone to do hand to hand combat, and martial arts. would you expect a Ninja to wear heavy duty battle armor? Maybe Shredder from TMNT, but not an avenger of the night like Batman imo.

Porcelain_Chicken2055d ago

I guess. It was suppose to be lightweight in their world though lol! XD