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Keith Mathias of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Jupiter Ascending’s failure to capitalize on the potential that it so clearly contains is perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the film. There is a universe here that begs to be explored, and potentially interesting characters that plead for better writing. Unfortunately, the experience of viewing the film as it is left me asking the same question as Cypher: why, oh why, didn’t I take the blue pill?"

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febzilla2060d ago

Sadly, I expected the low review score.

R6ex2060d ago

Regardless, a Sci-Fi fan like me will still watch it for all its special effects and space theme.

Soldierone2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

the one reason I kept sitting there was for this. Seriously, all the visuals were really well done. They thought of cool perks for everything the characters touched or looked at.

Just expect terrible acting and you will be fine.

febzilla2059d ago

I agree, I would only watch it for the visual effects.

Soldierone2060d ago

I thought the movie was alright, could have been better if people around Mila and Channing could act. The whole family of villains sucked at acting, and the guy whispering...... seriously he sucked so bad that it ruined the movie for me.

I was like "yeah its pretty cool so far, ill watch it again.." Then he became the main villain and the acting got worse and worse. It was honestly like they took the nerd out of Grandmas Boy and put him in the movie, except he was trying to be serious.