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SpongeBob: Sponge Out of Water Review - IGN

IGN: As a fan of both the SpongeBob series and the first SpongeBob movie from 2004, I was quite looking forward to the long-awaited sequel (well, in the way that any crazy SpongeBob story could be considered a follow-up to what's come before it) Sponge Out of Water. I can try and shuck off my fandom by saying that it's directly due to my kids, but admittedly SpongeBob is a show that's proven to be entertaining for all ages and actually contains very clever elements to it. Aside from the fact that, when you boil it down, it follows the time-honored cartoon tradition of "one character annoys the holy hell out of another character."

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WizzroSupreme2056d ago

This looks so terrible; couldn't even stand the original Spongebob movie.