Five Arrow and Flash Spin-Off Miniseries We Want to See: The Rogues


It’s part four of our five-part feature of “Five Arrow and Flash Spin-Off Mini-Series That We Want To See,” and after suggesting Atom/Firestorm, Booster Gold/Blue Beetle, and Birds of Prey shows, we thought we would give a few pitches for some villain spin-off mini-series. In our penultimate part, we are discuss a potential show that would bring several villains together from The Flash, both present and future ones. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we are going to discuss….the Rogues!

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WizzroSupreme1600d ago

I want to see all of these. Call me intrigued.

ironfist921600d ago

As if there werent too many Superhero films already, having too many superhero TV shows could be detrimental too.

Its hard enough keeping up with Gotham, Arrow, Constantine and Flash, now we have Titans and Supergirl coming soon, along with a whole bunch of Marvel shows like Agents, Carter, Daredevil, and XMen shows.