How To Get Away With Murder “Best Christmas Ever” Review (Season 1 Episode 11) | TV Equals

TV Equals: "Rudy, the former tenant in Wes’ apartment, has to be Lila’s killer, right? That’s all I’ve been thinking about since “Best Christmas Ever” ended. Like Chekhov’s gun, his scratch marks on the wall have been shown over and over again. And now we find out Grandma is still sending him mail to that address? The whole thing reeks of sketchiness. Sam did not murder Lila. I don’t think Bonnie murdered Lila. Rebecca ending up doing the deed would be a great twist, but I now think Rudy is going to make an appearance before the season’s end. Annalise’s “story” about Sam running away after murdering Lila makes perfect sense. Perhaps Annalise is not so far off in the murderer fleeing town. It’s just that she has the wrong guy pinned. And now said wrong guy’s body as been found."

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