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Backstrom “Takes One to Know One” Review Season 1 Episode 3 | TV Equals

TV Equals: "To paraphrase that great sage of the 80’s, Paula Abdul, “Backstrom” is like her old song “Opposites Attract,” in that it takes two steps forwards and it takes two steps back. Witness the latest episode “Takes One to Know One,” for instance. On the one hand, adding Sarah Chalke (who I mistook for “Firefly” alum Jewel Staite at first, if I’m being honest, which made me super-happy as a fan of that show- until I realized it wasn’t her) was a plus, as she has always been a likable presence, and if there’s one thing this show needs, it’s more likable presences. Having her around helped not only tilt the scales ever-so-slightly away from darkness, but it also went a long way towards humanizing the Backstrom character that much further, which, as I noted last week, is a good thing."

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