Scandal Season 4 Episode 11 Review: “Where’s the Black Lady?” | TVOM

TVOM: "This week’s Scandal picks up where it left off, only this time around, the audience is not seeing things from Olivia Pope’s point of view. There is no more running in slow-motion; instead, the kidnapping, orchestrated by the veep, who wants to start a war in exchange of Liv’s safety, is a given fact. Now Fitz knows his sometime lover is missing, but before he can attempt to do a thing, he is notified and given proof of the fact that he is surrounded. Andrew has replaced the President’s Secret Service detail by a squad of corrupt men from different agencies, while he has also added moles all over the White House in order to keep tabs on every single move Fitz makes. Even though it is unclear how the VP was able to pull such a move, what is clear is that not only he has found the POTUS’s weak spot; he also has identified his blind spot and slept with his wife to boot. It is hard not to wonder if there is a curse that affects every single second in command that Fitz chooses to share the ticket with. So far, they have all turned against him, in different horrendous ways."

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