Amy Pascal’s Exit Could Affect Sony’s Spider-Man Franchise, ‘Dragon Tattoo’


Amy Pascal’s departure as co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment and chair of its motion picture group leaves Hollywood unsettled over the fate of the studio’s upcoming slate.

The biggest questions at Sony surround the Spider-Man franchise, sequels to the “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” and the “Cleopatra” project.

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alycakes1846d ago

I personally don't think it will I just think they worry too much about all the wrong things.

Crazay1846d ago

I think that it MAY have a positive impact on opening the dialogue between Sony and Marvel to help guide them on the SPiderman franchise and perhaps see him have a cameo in a marvel made movie.

alycakes1846d ago

That would be better than hurting the process. I don't know why they put so much power on one person. They will be fine without her.

Crazay1846d ago

Ya I thinks he was something of a blow hard power tripper from what I've read.

StarWarsFan1845d ago

I don't understand what there is to worry about. These are big projects that I think any intelligent new hire will want to push. When it comes to Spider-Man, hopefully it's pushed with fresh blood. The sequel to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo seemed to be going nowhere anyway and any reasons for that have just been excuses, I feel.

Soldierone1845d ago

Honestly I see this as a good thing. More people in those positions need to leave ASAP because they are destroying the company....

dota2champion1845d ago

If she was was responsible for Amazing spiderman 2, then good. She ruin it with the change. The marketing team should also step down, they spoiled the entire film in the trailers

jamesbrosuk1842d ago

I'm not sure she had much of a say in new film projects anyway.