Why Modern Horror Movies Fail

WOW247: "Cheap jump scares, stupid lead characters and dull, derivative stories: there are numerous reasons why many modern mainstream horror films simply fall flat.

"But above all else, there is one incredibly crucial thing that these movies simply aren’t doing, that they should."

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Crazay2063d ago

I thought Insidious was pretty successful as far as horror movies go. I'd love to get another Blair Witch.

shodan742063d ago

Insidious was fun - but no classic.

I think part of the reason why Blair Witch was so effective is that it relied purely on the viewer's own imagination and really worked hard to sow lots of creepy seeds in there. The local folklore angle worked wonders too. We've all got freaky woods with local legends attached to them just a short walk away...

Crazay2063d ago

No I would agree that it's not a "classic" but there were a few moments that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. So for that I give it huge props.

The marketing for Blair Witch was also spot on. I remember seeing the missing posters around the city near where I live. Plain photocopied missing posters all over the place.

shodan742063d ago

Yeah. Was the first big viral marketing success as I recall. The fact that they presented it as a real-life disappearance mystery was genius.