10 Cancelled Movies That Would Have Made Billions


Unlike within the medium of video games, motion pictures don’t tend to end up cancelled mid-way through production. Only on very rare occassions will a film that has already entered shooting end up being shut down (Terry Gilliam’s ill-fated adaptation of Don Quixote, for example); what’s more likely, then, is that a film will find itself cancelled during those initial stages, way before shooting starts, when concepts and potential plots are being thrown around with all the splendor of confetti at a wedding.

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dota2champion2055d ago

I'm a Shrek fan, can't believe they cancel Shrek 4. That would of sold them close to a billion,

Soldierone2054d ago

Personally I think all of these would have done way too much damage to a brand, thus the reason they were canned.

Shrek was on a downward spiral, nobody would have cared about 5 except the fans. It's better to let it rest, then return because people will go "oooh Shrek!!!"

Spider-Man was killed by 3, it would have done the same as Amazing.

Sequel to movies like Forest Gump are so risky because you can quite literally destroy a classic film. You know how many people hate Hangover now because of 2 and 3?

Star Wars one was purely milking Star Wars, big no no.