Here's How NBC is Trying to Keep Constantine Going

From Cinelinx:

Things haven't been looking so great for NBC's Constantine, having already announced a halt to production after 13 episodes and no mention of renewal, fans are understandably concerned about the future of the show and the stories yet to be told. While it may not be a "for sure" thing, I've heard some word on how the executives are trying to keep the show going.

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Porcelain_Chicken1599d ago

Would be a good idea! I hope it happens. I like it so far but, It isn't a great show, it has however the potential to be. I hope it's given the opportunity to grow!

nuckfuggets1599d ago

it is a great show indeed .

alycakes1599d ago

I watch it every Friday so I hope they give it a chance to by giving it a second season