Broad City Season 2 Episode 4 Review: “Knockoffs” | TVOM

TVOM: "The fact that the script for “Knockoffs” even made it out of the writing room speaks to the confidence of Broad City; I don’t think there’s another show that could tell the story they did, nor be able to deliver it in such an effortless, careless fashion as Broad City does. And that’s just the main story of the episode; “Knockoffs” also delivers one of its best B stories when Ilana attends her mother’s shiva with her parents (played by Susie Essman and Bob Balaban), a beautiful introduction to the people who made Ilana the brash, wall-twerking spitfire she is today. An episode about dealing with jarring moments in life, “Knockoffs” is the perfect blend of Broad City‘s weekly formula (even though it lacks Bevers and Lincoln, respectively the worst and best of Broad City’s secondary cast)."

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This show is so funny.