Criminal Minds Season 10 Review “Hero Worship” | TV Equals

TV Equals: "It’s very rare that episodes of Criminal Minds begin with “previously on…” refresher scenes, but that was the case with tonight’s installment “Hero Worship.” We saw a couple quick scenes from last week’s great episode “Nelson’s Sparrow” about Reid being so sad about Gideon’s death, so the episode picked right up by showing us that Reid hasn’t been sleeping and has been keeping crazy hours at the office. He continued to show signs of depression and distractedness throughout the episode, and it’s clear that he’s not taking his death very well at all. It’s not very often that we get storylines that stretch across multiple episodes, so it’s nice that the aftermath of Gideon’s death is lasting for at least one more episode. He was the lead for this show for the first two seasons, after all! I’m all for giving Gideon (and Mandy Patinkin) a nice tribute, but I hope that Reid’s depression doesn’t last much longer cause it’s really bringing me down."

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