Man Cuts Off His Own Nose To Look More Like Captain America's 'Red Skull'


Yes, really. Taking body modification to a whole new level, 37-year-old Venezuelan Henry Damon had, among other things, part of his nose removed in an effort to resemble Captain America's nemesis, the Red Skull. Click on for more, but the images are pretty graphic.

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Crazay2057d ago

I hmmm'd and hawww'd over this one for a bit. It's a lot extreme so if it doesn't get approved I totally get it. I'll let the mods decide whether they're cool with this going up.

Porcelain_Chicken2057d ago

I... I don't kno... I uh... Dafuq!? :(

Think I'll get nightmares from this. This guy and that one Superman guy are hardcore fans that's for sure.

RetrospectRealm2056d ago

Is it just me or does he still not look like Red Skull?

Crazay2056d ago

It's not a real great look so far is it?

StarWarsFan2055d ago

Doesn't this mean the man is pure evil? I mean, if he wanted to look like the heroic Captain America, that would be one thing, but Red Skull?

dota2champion2055d ago

Doesn't even look like Red Skull, but still creepy