TVF Justified Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Noblesse Oblige

I’m really curious as to which way Ava’s allegiance will truly swing by the end of Justified Season 6.

It certainly feels like she wants to help Boyd, even putting herself in the lion’s den by taking pictures of the bank vault for him and his crew. And her drunken bender with Boyd at the start of Justified Season 6 Episode 3 seemed like genuine fun shared between the two.

What’s more, she hasn’t really given up any info to Raylan, despite the threat of being thrown back in prison. But I can’t help but feel that she’s not 100 percent with Boyd either.

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alycakes2054d ago

The one thing I know is that Raylan never stops surprising me but Boyd Crowder is also one of the those people that will go the distance before he lets anyone put one over him and he'd rather die than let someone push him around. I'm just waiting for the last episode when it comes down to Raylan and Crowder facing against each other.