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TVF Castle Season 7 Episode 13 Review: I, Witness

Rick Castle took on the type of case he never wanted to handle in Castle Season 7 Episode 13, that of a cheating spouse. But when old friend Eva showed up at his office practically in tears, there was no way that Rick could say no.

Has anyone else noticed Rick doesn’t have the best luck with friends? Boarding school chum Damien Westlake was arrested for setting up the murder of his own father, Sophia Turner his CIA muse was a double agent who almost shot Castle in the head and now Eva. Not only did she cheat off of his papers in high school, she used him to frame her husband for murder. No wonder Castle is so quick to hand out Knicks floor seats to Espo and Ryan to keep their friendship.

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alycakes2061d ago

This had a few twists and spins and it was very interesting how they came to find who done it. I thought it was the lady lawyer from the beginning but didn't really know why.