NCIS: LA “Black Wind” (Season 6 Episode 14) | TV Equals

TV Equals: "For the first 30 minutes of “Black Wind” I was completely uninterested. It was another case of the week involving germ terror, blah blah. NCIS: LA was trying to be The Bridge without any of the bite. Then something happened. Alejandro, the father of the man infected with anthrax, wanted something in return for showing Kensi, Deeks, and Granger where the drug tunnel was. He wanted his daughter-in-law and grandson in Mexico to be delivered safely to the U.S. And when Kensi and Deeks found Tomás and his mother, they found a frightened little boy who only knew fear; that the bad guys always won. Deeks showing Tomás Mighty Mouse to calm him down affected me in a way I did not expect. It was sincere and genuine and so perfectly in character and well-played by Eric Christian Olsen that it caught me off guard. For a moment, I honestly thought the episode was going to end with Alejandro being taken into custody and Tomás and his mother being returned to Mexico. This may sound dep...

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