Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pratt And Chris Evans Photobomb Super Bowl Fans


Chris Pratt and Chris Evans have photobomb super powers.

The pair, also known as Star-Lord and Captain America, teamed up with Jimmy Fallon to jump in the photos of unsuspecting football fans. The death-defying photobombs included the elusive triple piggyback, a dancing line complete with Hawaiian leis and the never-before-seen triple hoagie, which then turned into the probably-seen-before hoagie sticking out of Pratt's pants. (With the guy who plays Andy Dwyer, you can never be sure.)

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WizzroSupreme1624d ago

Love Chris Pratt. Guy's a riot.

Crazay1624d ago

That was pretty awesome actually. I can imagine it was awesome to be these people.

Soldierone1624d ago

If I knew they were in this area I would have bothered to actually go there.... lol

Then again stupid Kanye was closing down streets illegally everywhere....