The Bachelor Season 19 Episode 5 Review: “No Rose Ceremony” | TVOM

TVOM : "I’m sorry, Bachelor fans, but she is. Kelsey is the Rodney Alcala of this show. Her little spiel about her story being “tragic” (her husband died of an unexpected heart attack [while walking to work; dude is 51 and he walks to work? Also her repeated insistence that he walked because it was a beautiful day is really unsettling. This is a long parenthetical. Sorry. Wait, what do you call a parenthetical with a bracket in it? Sorry]) and how it was giving her a leg up with Chris and her subsequent is-it-real-or-staged panic attack was literally the work of a burgeoning serial killer."

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ajax172064d ago

Wait, people actually REVIEW episodes of The Bachelor?! LOL

johnherlosky2064d ago

yeah, here's my review, don't bother, go and watch that wall dry :)