8 Things From the 'Will & Grace' Pilot You Probably Never Noticed

Bustle: "We live in a nostalgic age of pop culture, my friends — one in which we crave cast reunions and plead for TV show revivals, desperate to do anything we can to bring our obsessions back to the forefront of everyday life. I mean, who hasn’t yearned for a Friends reunion or salivated at the thought of a Full House movie? However, one show in particular that I’ve found myself missing quite a bit lately is none other than NBC’s long-departed sitcom Will & Grace. It’s been well over eight years since this iconic series has been on the air, and yet I still find it to be just as hilarious and enjoyable as ever before. In fact, it even inspired me to sit down and re-watch the Will & Grace pilot, which proved to be extremely enlightening."

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