The Trailers We Wish The Super Bowl Had Aired

CB: The onslaught is finally over. As the 2015 Super Bowl comes to a close, pop culture finishes another glut of trailers and teases for the year’s most anticipated projects. We were treated to a number of great ads, including Jurassic World and Furious 7, and even Heroes Reborn. But for all that the Super Bowl delivered, it still came up empty handed for a few key properties. We obviously can’t have it all, but we can’t help but feel disappointed by a few key omissions.

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alycakes2059d ago

Could have done without the K. Kardasian commercial.

Soldierone2058d ago

Honestly could have done without a lot of them. I actually forgot several times "Oh yeah, supposed to watch the commercials....they might be funny"

We were tuned out by the third, I think the Kardashian one made me totally give up on the commercials. I actually made fun of my girlfriend when we saw that one, I turned and laughed "Haha, that's your phone company!" and she rolled her eyes and mumbled "I should just cancel it now" :P

alycakes2058d ago

Yes, they were very disappointing this year. I still loved the Busweiser one with the puppy but then I'm just a sucker for the puppies especially labs and the horses too.

johnherlosky2058d ago

We only hear about them in the UK, but they were all over the news on monday

ajax172058d ago

I was really hoping to see a Batman vs Superman teaser.