‘American Sniper’ Breaks Super Bowl Weekend Record With $31.85M – Sunday Box Office Final

Deadline: “I wish there was a universe where American Sniper wasn’t in it!” one distribution exec cried this morning after their movie came up short this weekend. “I actually like this universe we’re living in!” beamed Warner Bros’ distribution EVP Jeff Goldstein over the third wide weekend of impressive results for Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper.

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Soldierone2065d ago

It's rather neat how much money this films keeps making regardless of people crying foul and Hollywood somewhat ignoring it.

coolbeans2065d ago

Certainly an impressive box-office run. I wouldn't say Hollywood's "somewhat ignoring it" when it has quite a few Oscar Nominations. As far as Iraq War films go, I think it's only second to The Hurt Locker in that regard.