Remembering Brandon Lee

Richard of writes "Brandon Lee would have been 50 years old today, February 1, 2015, had he not been tragically killed while on the set of The Crow back in 1993. It seems weird to look at his face in those films of his and think of him being an old man now. I know, 50 isn’t that old; but when compared to the way he looks in movies like The Crow, Rapid Fire and Showdown in Little Tokyo, 50 would be quite a dramatic change in his features. Or not – he was in very good shape and looked as though he would have a youthful appearance later in life. But we won’t ever know how he would have looked. He was taken from this world far too young."

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andron2066d ago

Nice tribute. He was great in the Crow...

Excalibur2066d ago

Man it seems like just yesterday that he died, Rest In Peace Brandon.

johnherlosky2066d ago

wow 1993, time definitely does fly