First Look At Brandon Routh's 'Superman Flyby' Screen Test


With Man Of Steel becoming a high flying box office success and Henry Cavill at the forefront of The Brothers Warner reimagining of the Superman mythos, I am sure some of have forgotten about Superman Returns and the previous owner of the red cape, Brandon Routh.

Routh's career didn't necessarily soar after Superman Returns, but the actor is set for the rest of his life financially and is doing what he loves, acting. I personally thought he was solid in the role of Superman/Clark Kent and was looking forward to more, but am more than pleased I was able to enjoy two different Superman films in the past 8 years.

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StarWarsFan1632d ago

I thought Brandon Routh did a solid job as Superman. I actually prefer him over Henry Cavill.

Porcelain_Chicken1632d ago

Routh was a good Superman. But it should never have been a continuation of the Donner flicks. I think that was the biggest mistake. They tried to take something extremely cheesy and camp and turn it into something a lot more serious and ended up anchored by the former. I have zero doubt that we could have gotten a sequel out of Routh had it been an original idea. Also his costume in SM:R was awful. Poor guy.

With all that said and done I prefer Cavill. I've now seen him do his own thing and can judge him much better than I feel I can judge Routh due to his lack of freedom with the role. Cavill exudes not only the good hearted nature that Superman should have but the strong, stoic and serious leadership a Justice League Superman should have. I honestly can't imagine Most past Supermen (Routh and Reeve) included as being any part of the league.