The Recap: Indiana Jones, Jurassic World, Star Wars & More

From Cinelinx:

This week was practically bursting with news from all areas of entertainment, and we're taking a look at the biggest stories (including Star Wars and Ghostbusters) that had our community buzzing on an all new episode of The Recap.

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KingPin1604d ago

wont be watching this guys news ever again.

new indiana jones wont ruin childhood memories...yeah right. did this tool watch the lone ranger? i guess not.

"come on, its star wars movie. it will never be bad" this guy high...did he not watch the later star wars movies, phantom menace perhaps.

hollywood needs to be more creative and stop remaking old classics that suck for a newer generation.
guess the next movies on their list would be the following remakes:
the good, the bad and the ugly.
magnificent seven
back to the future
enter the dragon
The Untouchables

i mean by the looks of it they already ruined die hard, terminator,karate kid and now by the looks of it, ghostbusters too.