The Highest-Grossing Movies Worldwide of 2014

MuliInformer: Everyone is crazy to know about the highest movies of 2014. Let’s take a look back at the Top 10 movies that broken the most blocks at the global box office. Here then are the Top 10 highest-earning movies in order of total worldwide gross.

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Hitman-Assassin1633d ago

I am surprised Transformers: Age of Extinction is at number 1

DrRobotnik1632d ago

Michael's all about the money.

Crazay1633d ago

That's awesome your friends approved this on your behalf.

ajax171633d ago

Interstellar is only 10? Wow, that's a little surprising.

johnherlosky1629d ago

agreed, i thought i would be higher

Agent_hitman1633d ago

This year's highest grossing film would be Age of Extinction. nuff said

DivineHand1251633d ago

This list shows the sad trend of only movies with scifi and super heroes end up being top grossing.

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