Agent Carter: James D'Arcy Asks Did Tony Stark Actually Know Edwin Jarvis?


For the last few years or so, most MCU fans knew J.A.R.V.I.S. as Iron Man's artificial intelligence system, voiced by Paul Bettany. However, Marvel's Agent Carter, which began airing on ABC earlier this month, showed us to the man behind the tech -- Edwin Jarvis -- played by the oh-so charming James D'Arcy. On the new show, Jarvis is Howard Stark's butler and Peggy Carter's partner in the hunt to clear Howard Stark's name -- although he and Peggy hit a rough patch in this week's episode.

Today, IGN got to speak with D'Arcy about his role on Agent Carter, as well as where his character could end up in the larger MCU.

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WizzroSupreme2066d ago

He probably did as a child and then Jarvis passed away later on before the events of Ironman. Makes sense that Tony named his Ironman A.I. after Jarvis if he was at all attached to him, especially as an adopted father figure as a child. I'm really counting on a flash-forward at the end of Agent Carter showing off a young Tony with a gray-haired Jarvis in the 70s or something.

coolbeans2065d ago

That's a very interesting plot detail. I wonder if there's anything behind this idea which might lend itself to Avengers 2 in some way.